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Deb's Blog: March

It is nice to think that Spring is just around the corner as the bulbs are now pushing their way through, the sap is rising and buds are breaking out on the shrubs in my garden. The distant woods are still bathed in  a warm browns but when the sun fades they have an orange glow. It wont be long before we see touches of greens and yellow. Then as if by some overnight magic almost, the whole wood becomes textured in a variety of greens, yellows, mauves a mass of colour knitted together.

I have been teaching my students that the most important thing to learn when starting to draw or  paint is to take the time to look and really see what it is they are drawing. To look carefully. To observe. It is not until we take the time to look  that we can then see more accurately. We can then translate this into drawing using the necessary techniques and skills which can be acquired with practice.

Deb's Blog

It has been a busy start to the New Year with new prints on my Etsy Shop and a new teaching position at Henley College teaching Beginners Drawing and Painting to a lovely new group who are all very enthusiastic. I find teaching so rewarding. 

I have also taken  up Tai Chi again after a long gap and have a brilliant teacher Karen Pounds in Henley. Being a naturally anxious person I find the flowing moves, the quiet and calm so beneficial and a wonderful way to be in the present moment. A wonderful start to the New Year too. I hope you had a good start to the New Year too.

I have a Valentines offer in my shop between 1st - 14 th February a FREE 'Love Is...' art card with any purchase made. See the link to my shop in the menu.

Deb's Blog

December 7 th 2017

It was great to take part in Art on the Street last weekend and meet fellow artist's who were also braving the very cold weather outside.

I am back inside in the warm now and working on new illustrations for sale on Etsy. I am looking forward of course to snuggling up with the family at Christmas and watching box sets and playing board games. 

Happy shopping! xxx 

November 27th 2017

I am now preparing for Art on the Street in Maidenhead on SATURDAY 2ND DECEMBER 10-4 PM .  Please come and say Hello :) 

November 2017

Autumn is rushing past and I am enjoying my teaching at the Adult Dyslexia Centre in Maidenhead with totally amazing students who are up for all the creative challenges and tasks I give them. They are such a warm and friendly group and a real pleasure to teach. Details of their work can be found on my Facebook Page DebbiePerryArt/Being QuietlyCreative@debbieperryart

On December 2nd I will be taking part in Art On The Street in Maidenhead from 10am - 4 pm 

I will be selling my '...with Honesty' collection a collection of abstract still-life/nature mixed-media paintings based on the wild plant Honesty.

Come and say Hello :)) 

September 2017

I am looking forward to teaching at the Adult Dyslexia Centre in Maidenhead again this Autumn. I had a great time with very lovely students last year on my 'Art in Autumn' workshops.  This year the workshops are called 'Inspired by Art' where we will be looking at the work of well known artists and creating  Seascapes inspired by the Fauvist movement, Portraits inspired by Modigliani, Landscapes inspired by Kurt Jackson and Floral Still Life inspired by Matisse. Should be great fun and some wonderful work will be created.

August 2017

This Summer we had a new edition to the family Odin our Jack Russell x Springer Spaniel puppy. He really does spring too, like a new born lamb.

I had replanted in the garden a batch of orange lilies and they were a fantastic show of colour. Our garden looks great in Spring but does not have much so far in the way of summer colour, so this splash of colour along with the reds of the poppies which had self- seeded was a wonderful sight against the bright green of the grass.

It was an ideal combination for paintings.

July 25 2017

I have now opened my Etsy Shop where you will be able to buy my work. At the moment I am starting with works on paper and postcards of my work. If you wish to buy works on  board or canvas please contact me at

June 2017 

M y new collection is called '...with Honesty' based on the plant Honesty (Lunaria annua) and explores relationships between shape, space, texture, with a limited colour palette. Some of the paintings I have on the website.

I will soon have a shop with Etsy so watch this space for a link :)

1:1 Classes will be starting again from August so please contact me for further details.

Enjoy the sunshine :)